6 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Such an amazing website! The flashcards are the reason why I passed my first year of PA school. Thank you so much!

  2. As an expert procrastinator and easily bored reader, I needed to find some way other than rewriting notes to help me learn the seemingly never ending material covered on exams, these notecards were my saving grace. I can honestly say that they are one of the main reasons I have made deans list every semester since using these cards. They are the perfect way to review the information you have studied and to visually incorporate all the concepts. I would highly recommend these flashcards to any PA student but especially those within the nova southeastern university PA programs. In addition, I plan on using the cards I have as reviews for the PANCE. These cards are well worth the money!

  3. These flashcards are unbelievable! They are incredibly organized, detailed, and an excellent resource for PA students looking to excel in school. I will be using these religiously when I review for the PANCE as they were a HUGE help to me in studying for all of my exams. I highly recommend all students utilize these cards as a means of not only getting the “A”, but truly understanding the material!

  4. The creator of this website has dedicated a lot of time to mastering his skills as a clinician. He has spent countless hours taking the notes from mundane lectures and creating beautifully illustrated diagrams that are easy to remember, as well as mnemonics that I will never forget. His notes are without a doubt going to be a valued resource in my collection, and a go to study guide for every rotation, for every review, and for the PANCE. I long ago printed them all out on photo paper! Better than most study guides that cost hundreds of dollars!! Excellent value (perhaps too cheap), and once the word is out they most likely will not be this cheap for long. Get them while you can for this price, you will not be disappointed!!

  5. Jamie…Just wanted to thank you for being the sole reason I have made it through this year of school. I can only imagine the amount of time you have put into these flash cards and they really have been SUCH a help to me as I am sure they were to many others as well. I owe you bro. Thanks again!

  6. Jamie’s flashcards are thorough, well organized, and visually fantastic. The colors keep your reading focused (and your eyes from glazing over after hours of studying), and his drawings really make the details stick in your mind. When you’re coping with trying to memorize hundreds of pages of material for every exam, having that extra visual key is so important. I always take my own notes, but I still used Jamie’s flashcards. They’re super for reviewing, or for quizzing yourself, or for getting an introduction to the material–you name it. So worth it. The man is a flashcard-designing god.

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