Clinical Medicine 1

Eye, HEENT, Dermatology, Lung, Cardiac 1&2, & Hematology | >

Clinical Medicine covers diagnosis, physical examination, labs to order, treatment and prognosis for each disease.  The cards represent information collected from various sources, including eMedicine and UpToDate.  They really helped my classmates to focus in on what is important.  Check out the testimonials.  And as always, don’t forget to look for the Stars and the TQs!



Detailed flashcards with pictures, taught to us by Optometrists.




Detailed flashcards with pictures, covering URI, pneumonia, ear and nasal infections.




Detailed table including dermatology pictures with related diagnosis, features and treatment options.



Detailed flashcards with pictures, including pneumonias, pulmonary function testing, and Acid-Base changes.

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Detailed flashcards with pictures, including congenital heart diseases, valvular pathology, angina, and MI.

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Detailed flashcards with pictures, including peripheral vascular disease, aortic aneurysm, and cardiac tests.

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Detailed flashcards with pictures, including anemias, bleeding disorders, clotting, infection, and HIV.

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