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I am a PA student at NOVA Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale Florida.  I have always tried to keep good notes, but when I started PA school, I knew I was going to want to refer back to the information I had learned – especially to prepare for the PANCE.  Hence, the flashcards were born.  It started out as an entertaining aside – I would doodle on the note cards as I studied to keep from getting bored.  Then, some of my fellow classmates noticed how sharp the flashcards were, and asked to borrow them.  Soon, I was uploading pdf format before every test.  About 2/3 of my PA class downloaded the flashcards regularly, and I recieved tons of praise and gratitude for helping out.  They were fun to make, good study aids, and it is my sincere desire that they make learning medicine a little easier.

I hope they are as helpful to you as they were to me.  Good luck and happy studying!

-James Thompson

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